Lost Weight from NuLean

Below are incredible stories from real people that have used NuLean and how they lost weight.

30 Pounds in 6 Weeks!

“I weighed 160, and then six weeks later I am at 130… this diet seemed to take it back to where your body was supposed to be naturally.”

— Megan C. from Los Angeles, California

20 pounds in 6 weeks!

“I had to lose 20 pounds to fit into my wedding dress…. I saw dramatic inch losses on my problem areas which was my thighs and my lower half… On any other diet it has never happened!”

— Sky B. from Clearwater, Florida

I lost weight, 60-lbs with NuLean!


“Dr. James Owens in South Carolina also lost 60-lbs with NuLean. Not only that, his blood sugar levels dropped from 216 to 95! Since losing weight and regaining his health with NuLean, Dr. Owens has put more than 150 patients through the NuLean program; all of them experienced great results!”

—Dr. James Owens, D.C., South Carolina

Dr. Champagne, lost 45-lbs!



“Dr. Dan Champagne of South Hadley, MA lost 35-lbs with NuLean and his office manager and wife, Sherry, lost 45-lbs. By offering NuLean to people Dr. Champagne was also able to expand his office space and grow his business.”

—Dr. Dan Champagne, South Hadley, MA

Dr. Riemer lost 62-lbs!

Dr. Reimer


“Dr. Riemer lost 62-lbs with the NuLean program and has seen similar stellar results with his patients.”

— Dr. Riemer, D.C., Amarillo, TX

22 pounds in 8 weeks!

Aaron Dunham lost weight with NuLean“My friends can’t believe how cut my body is. I have tons of energy and I lost all my sugar cravings. Also I’m sleeping much better.

“This program is fantastic for anyone who wants to lose weight and sculpt their body!”

- Aaron D. from Clearwater, Florida